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Date: October 26th 2015

Hello Families!  Welcome back to a full week of school!  I hope your Fall Break was restful.  Now we are back, and hard at work for the rest of these nine weeks.  It was a pleasure to see those of you who were able to make it out to Parent Conferences. If you are still wanting to see me please email me.

Our Writing unit is being taught by Mrs. Voss and Miss Barlow for the duration of the nine weeks.  They will be planning and implementing the lessons and the grades.  I will still be overseeing the units but this should be an exciting unit for the students as they will be using content taught to write correct dialogue, and composing their own realistic fiction. I am thrilled that they are doing this unit with the students.

We are working on 2digit x 2digit multiplication using a grid.  There is a very easy example in the homework.  I would please ask that you look that over before the homework.  The grid version is based on the place value of the numbers multiplied.  Traditional method (algorithmic style) is also being taught.  The answers are always the same.  It gives the student another way to view and grasp place value of numbers and reinforced place value.  We encourage students to use the method that best suits them.  We will move into Long Division next week.

Our Reading unit mirrors the Writing in that we will be studying the concepts that make up Realistic Fiction.  We have begun small group reading groups where we hone in on specific skills that need to be addressed and a smaller scale and can be isolated within a smaller story.  Most groups meet with me twice a week.  Everyone is still on Lexia weekly.  If you have can have your student login from home, please do so.  It alleviates the amount of time they have to spend on the computer here at school and they move through the levels quicker.

This is Week C- Music-for Related Arts.  Please get your money in for the records.  Miss Taylor is placing her order this week.   Next week we will have P.E.


Attached you will find the DMR/DLR and homework for this week.    Please contact me if you have any questions.


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