ATTENTION: 6th Grade Families Attending FCV

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Subject: ATTENTION: 6th Grade Families Attending FCV
Date: May 16th 2018

Attention 6th Grade Families Attending Fall Creek Valley Middle School:
Tomorrow is the last day to change your elective choices!  See information below:
Students will go to Skyward and enter elective choices for three periods.  Please note that some electives are semester courses while others are for the full year.  You will have from May 3nd  to May 17th to change your elective choices.  After this time, changes can still be made, but you need to email Mr. Pierce, and fill out a change form.
  1. Go to Skyward and log on.
  2. On the left side of the screen, go to Schedule and click it.
  3. On the upper right side of your screen you will see Course Requests now open. Under that you will see Request Courses for 2018-2019 in Fall Creek Valley Middle School. Click on it to open the list of classes.
  4. I placed every student in Pre Algebra.  This will change when we get the data from exams so please do not worry about that placement.
  5. If you want to change a pre chosen core class (Social Studies, Science or Language Arts)  please use this link
  6. Students will highlight one class at a time and add it to their list by clicking the “Add Course” button in the middle of the screen. Continue until all elective courses are the selected. * Remember to select enough courses to fill three class periods (Immersion will fill 2 periods).  If you select a semester course, then you must choose another semester course to fill one period.  (Example…if you choose three year-long courses, you will only have three classes listed in the right column.  If you chose two year-long courses and two semester courses, you will have four classes listed in the right column.)  Please note that the courses are not in alphabetical order.
  7. If you select a course and decide you want to remove it, then highlight it under the selected courses side and then click “Remove Course” in the middle of the page.
  8. If you choose a year course you must choose the Spring and Fall (S and F) for that class.
  9. *Do not put alternate courses in Skyward.
  10. You should have 14 Total Academic Hours
  11. Simply close and all work is saved.
Other important information:
  • Space is limited in some elective classes.
  • Scheduling conflicts may prevent students from getting a requested course.
  • If student requires additional support in math or reading, a support class may take the place of chosen elective(s).
 If you have questions, please email or call Mr. Pierce, counselor

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