Weekly Update 12/7-12/11

From: "Miss Andrews Class" <courtneyandrews@msdlt.k12.in.us>
Subject: Weekly Update 12/7-12/11
Date: December 9th 2015

Welcome Subscribers,

Below you will find resources aimed at extending your child's education at home.

1.A copy of this week's DMR/DLR is attached to this email. This week, we've continued our Fractions unit with equivalent fractions and comparing fractions. This Friday will be the last DMR quiz of the quarter.

2. The Math Fact Challenge is paused until January of next year. Fifteen students have beat the multiplication Math Fact Challenge and will receive the a pizza lunch this Friday.

3. In reading, we are continuing with our unit of fiction. This week we are studying Fairytales.

4. This week in Science, we are continuing our study of Mars. We are launching our rockets to determine which design flies the furthest. This simulates the launching of a rocket that carries a rover to Mars.

5. Remember homework is due at the end of the week. If there are extenuating circumstances, please email me or send a note. Otherwise the packet of daily assignments need to be completed, checked and signed by a parent/guardian and returned on Friday. No homework=no recess, no parent/guardian signature=no recess. I respect that my students have lives outside of school with practices, appointments, and other unexpected events, therefore, I do not collect homework everyday.

6. THANK YOU to those that have sent in canned goods with your child. You are greatly supporting our student council in their efforts to help out the community. The food drive will last until December 16. Kona Ice will be at school next Wednesday selling snow cone treats during the day. Please see the blue flyer sent home on Monday.

7. The Winter Concert is on Thursday, December 17 at 1:30. Fourth grade students will accompany 6th grade choir students in performing holiday songs. This program usually lasts about an half hour. Students are asked to wear "dress up" attire.

8. The weather is ever changing. As the colder months approach, please note, that we are able to go outside if the temperature is 26 degrees or higher with no precipitation.

9. Finally, Winter Break begins Friday, Dec. 18 thru Jan 4.

Happy helping,
Miss Andrews

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